About Travisa

Passport problems? Trouble with your passport renewal? Our passport and visa service can help. Every agent knows the headaches involved in helping clients have a happy experience on their trips abroad. Travel agents sometimes may think that the bureaucrats in passport offices or embassies were put there just to frustrate them and cause problems. Of course, this is not the case. These individuals are loaded down by complex systems, rules, regulations and laws from over 200 countries. As a result, they can only deal with those applications that are correctly and completely processed. They simply do not have the time to do anything out of the ordinary.

The sole responsibility of our consultants is to work closely with these agents to expedite passports and visas on behalf of your clients. We have learned to navigate through the quagmire of bureaucracy. We can even have them issued on the same day if necessary. We enjoy very good working relationships with ALL consulates and embassies and are trained to walk you through ANY passport or visa situation.

In addition, through our state-of-the-art computer system, we can give you immediate status information. We are known for exceptional customer service. While we do not have complete control of the actions and decisions of the embassies, consulates and other officials involved in the issuing process, we completely stand behind all actions over which we have ANY control:

  • Our goal is to submit to the appropriate officials any correctly completed application within 5 hours of receipt.
  • Our goal is to contact you within 2 hours if any additional documents are necessary.
  • Our goal is to send the completed passport out the same day it was completed.

We consistently meet or exceed these goals and will do our very best to meet or exceed them for you.